In a process of personal ethics, I reaffirm the concepts that hold my life´s philosophy in regards to photography. These are compromises wich on occasion come with the heavy burden of that which I live and show through the eyehole. Basic rules of conduct for a photographer:

1. Learn to look without the camera, it´s only a tool, don´t let it decide for you.

2. Experience without knowledge doesn´t lead to the best port. In order to be a photographer you need to prepare, study and comprehend everything that surround you, always be a scholar. Languages must be the first step toward that knowledge.

3. Do not live off dreams, start taking pictures enjoying without losing the illusion nor the thirst for curiosity, thinking always of the present.

4. What to do, how to do it and why do it.

5. Finish what you start because out of optimism the best results are born.

6. Never give up because photodocumentalism is a way of life, the faster you learn this, the better. We are not always prepared to confront the truth.

7. Act first, then think.

8. Always show truth even if it is frustrating. Sometimes we won´t reach our goals but we have to continue. Leave cockiness buried, good photographs and better people are not this way.

9. Be critical and realistic with us and others. Any essay is worth and honest, truthful, objective and constructive critic on behalf of who is watching or admiring the work, and not allways does experience or age give reason to the ones who know. If we believe in the story, then we must have faith in the arguments, accepting others opinions however hurtfull they might be.

10. Let the sentence of the day be “for once in my life I´m going to listen”, you will feel the cure for the world´s evil. Indifference.

11. Don´t let glory consume you. We are not bohemians, nor the chosen ones, nor mass-media stars. The main actors are those who we talk about. With humbleness, our job makes things better… but it can also make them worse.

12. Think about you last, the people around us are first and deserve our time. Stop being selfish. We have beautiful way of life that is hardly understood and better not explained because only those who have turned themselves to Photography know that satisfaction.


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by Justin Mott


Eve Arnold, the first woman to become a full member of Magnum Photos, died on Wednesday. She was 99.



There are many mysteries in life and since the beginning of time, people have been trying to understand them. Photography is one of the things in life that can never be fully understood. Even the so-called masters do not have a full understanding of it, because to understand photography is to…


At the Beginning of October, Celiné Dieuphète, 12, suffered severe burns on his face, head and shoulders.

He was cooking food for his younger siblings while his mother was out of the house, but Instead of using Kerosene to light the fire he accidentally used gasoline.  Despite doctor’s attempts to care for the child, the hospital is not equipped to handle burns of this nature, nor can they spare the extra resources and medications he desperately needs. 

In order for Celiné to have a chance at survival, he must be transferred to an appropriate facility and given the care he needs.
We are working hard to support this child while the government requirements for his transfer to Shriner’s Hospital in Boston are being met. Typically transfers of this nature can take several weeks or months.
Please help us keep Celiné alive so he can receive the treatment he needs.

You can help right away by using the PayPal link on our website.

Donations are being handled by Project Haiti, Inc. and 100% will go to help Celiné.  

If you have any questions or would like to contact our team directly please send a message to


A Thousand Little Cuts Online Print Auction

The print auction features signed prints from six Pulitzer Prize winners, five National Geographic photographers, six Photographers of the Year (POYi and NPPA), two Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award winners, one Guggenheim Fellow, and many legends of contemporary documentary photography. A few of the photographers you’ll find include: Ed Kashi, David LaBelle, Carolyn Cole, Stephanie Sinclair, Liz O. Baylen, Bob Sacha, Matt Eich, Scott Strazzante, and many more.

Proceeds will be used to complete the film A Thousand Little Cuts, a six-year documentary project exploring the grassroots movement to stop the highly-destructive mining process, mountaintop removal. Our main character, Lorelei Scarbro, a tenacious grandmother of two, fights for green jobs and renewable energy projects in her community; but with a brother working on a mountaintop removal mine and a son-in-law working for Massey Energy, the risks are grave. In a place where blood and coal tie families together, Lorelei’s campaign to save a mountain could destroy the very thing she’s fighting for: her family.

We need $30,000 to complete post-production on the film, and this print auction is our light at the end of the tunnel. Please help complete the film and become a part of our team by buying a print, blogging about the auction and sharing the auction through your social media networks.

Thank you for the support.

Chad A. Stevens
Director, A Thousand Little Cuts


Old school favorite #5

The Cowboys of Patagonia by Mustafah Abdulaziz, 2008

By the time I came across Abdulaziz’s work I was deciding whether or not I wanted to take the photojournalism route. This kinda sealed the deal. This was what I wanted to learn to do. I wanted to be cool as shit like this guy. Yup.

Enrolled in WKU that fall.

Still no where near being cool as shit like this guy.

Old school favorite #4
Photo by Felix Lupa, 2007

Old school favorite #4

Photo by Felix Lupa, 2007

Old school favorite #3
Photo by Severin Koller, 2005

Old school favorite #3

Photo by Severin Koller, 2005